Sunday , August 13 2023

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PAC is Seeking Assets From SC’s Justice Mazahar Naqvi

Justice Mazahar Naqvi

On Monday, the Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) urged authorities to present the financial details of Justice Mazahar Naqvi, a Supreme Court (SC) judge, within 15 days. The PAC overseeing public spending was tasked with dealing with Justice Mazahar Naqvi case, which is being accused of putting his funds beyond …

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Interior Ideas Design Your Home And Bedroom Appear Larger


Interior decorators and experts in home decor design provide a few ideas we can use in bedrooms to make them appear more extensive and spacious. Smaller spaces like bedrooms do not have to be confined to an introverted area. Large, elegant rooms can expand beyond the limits of traditional design …

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How Does Technology Impact Student Learning In 2023?

Student Learning

Traditional face-to-face classes have been a reliable teaching and Student Learning method for a long time. It has yielded tangible and satisfying outcomes and was challenged once the world confronted an all-encompassing threat: the CoVid-19 epidemic that slowed everyone from attending traditional classes in person. The situation showed that technology …

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Top Reasons to Study In Computer Science or IT In 2023


Computer Science degrees are some of the world’s most sought-after programs of study. If you’re interested in computers and their hardware, you may have heard that master’s and bachelor’s degrees in I.T. will lead to rewarding and lucrative jobs. Are the advantages sufficient to offset the difficulties of the courses …

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