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Simon Abbasi
Simon Abbasi

After Divorce, My Ex -wives Living Better Life: Simon Abbasi

Senior actor Simon Abbasi has admitted that after divorce, both of his ex -wives Hamima Malik and Juria Abbasi are living a better life and that they are big stars.

Simon Abbasi confirmed the third marriage to actress Sherry Shah earlier last month.

Earlier, Simon Abbasi married actress Hamima Malik in 2010 but her marriage went for only 3 years and ended on divorce in 2013.

He Also had a Second Marriage to Hamima Malik

Simon Abbasi first married actress Juria Abbasi in 1997, but the two separated in 2007.

Two years after the marriage, daughter Anzila Abbasi was born, who appears to be acting at the moment and she lives with her mother.

The young daughter’s father, Simon Abbasi, recently married actress Sherry Shah at the age of fifty, who was also criticized.

In an interview recently, the actor responded to the wedding critics, saying that he needed not a girlfriend but a spouse, so he got married.
Simon Abbasi, in an interview to ‘Voke Capital’, defend his third marriage and ask the critics whether he had a girlfriend with him instead of getting married.

He Also Asked if Anyone Ever Heard of Them a Scandal or Sffair With a Woman?

The actor made it clear that as Muslims he believed in weddings and God commands to marry, so he never married only instead of having a girlfriend.
During the interview, he also talked about his failed marriages and did not express any remorse that his first marriages ended on divorce.

The actor praised the ex -wives and called them not only good wives but also good and successful women.

Actor acknowledged that both of his ex -wives, Juriya Abbasi and Hamima Malik, were living a better life after divorce and they are now more successful.

He said that God is not doing anything to ask for his ex -wives asking for a broom. In fact, she is living a very good and successful life today.

Simon Abbasi acknowledged that his ex -wives are big stars and worked in good films and dramas, she is living a better life than ever.

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