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NCAA Re-Rank
NCAA Re-Rank

Alabama is Leading, Heads in The Latest NCAA Re-Rank 1-131

There have been two teams neck-and-neck for No. 1 numerous times throughout the long history of USA today Sports NCAA Re-Rank 1-131. What about three teams?

It wasn’t tricky enough to decide the best team between Alabama and Georgia. Even though both the Crimson Tide and Bulldogs have had their moments of struggle, Ohio State has dropped 40 or more points in its last five games to create an even more intense race to take the highest position.

After hours of debate, Alabama remains No. 1. The Tide escaped with a 24-20 victory against Texas A&M. The Tide have remained unbeaten, despite turning the ball four times with Bryce Young under center, and they should rebound significantly when he is back from the shoulder injury he sustained.

Georgia remains at No. 2 despite playing slowly against an overmatched Auburn, even though an unresolved game following one quarter was concluded with the Bulldogs getting a convincing victory of 42-10.

There Were no Teams From The Top 10 Spots

This leaves the Buckeyes in third place, but not for very long. They could climb to No. 1. After a week of rest, they will take on Iowa along with Penn State before the end of the month.

While there were no teams from the top 10 spots, Tennessee was able to move up two places to No. 6 after beating LSU. The result was that he dropped one spot to No. 7. Oklahoma State after the Cowboys surrendered 527 yards in the shootout victory against Texas Tech.

Several newcomers made it into the top 25. Illinois has been elevated from 25 places to 20th place. 20 after a win over Iowa 9-6, moving to 5-1. Texas returned to No. 24 following a historic Red Rivalry River victory against Oklahoma. And continued to fall until it reached No. 58. First-year Bowl Subdivision member James Madison is ranked the number. 23 after he moved to 5-5. Read more: https://thebloggerzone.com/

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