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British military pilots
British military pilots

British Military Pilots Transfer Their Skill to Chinese Army

British Ministry of Defense: Former British military pilots are being lured to transfer their skills to the Chinese army

Former British military pilots are tempted to transfer their skills to the Chinese army.

It is believed that 30 former British Military Pilots went to train members of the People’s Liberation Army in China.

The UK is issuing intelligence alerts to alert its former military pilots to work for the Chinese military.

Western officials say efforts to find pilots have been ongoing for a long time and has recently intensified.

Although the recruitment of training and pilots is not a violation of any current UK law, a Defense Ministry spokesman said officials from Britain and other countries are trying to stop the activity.

Huge Package Being Offered to People

An official says, ‘This is a huge package being offered to people, money is an important stimulus. Even some packages are more than £ 37,000. ‘

Retired British pilots are used to help understand Western aircraft and pilots working. This information can be important in the event of a conflict like Taiwan.

The UK first learned about the limited cases of recruiting former military pilots in 2019, which were dealt with individually. Kod 19 had slowed down these efforts as China’s journey was almost impossible, but now these efforts have increased again, which has led to this alert.

“We have noticed an rise in this area,” an Western official informed reporters. This is a constant problem. The present service personnel are being targeted but no one has accepted. ‘

Pilots have experience of high -speed aircraft and helicopters and come from the entire army, not just from the Royal Air Force. He specializes in blowing typhoon, jaguar, heroes and tournaments.

It is believed that the F-35 pilot was not included, though it was believed that China was interested in them. Some pilots are in the late 50s and have retired from the army some time ago.

Pilots From Other Coalition Countries Have Also Targeted

Authorities said agents recruited the pilots and a specific flying academy in South Africa was involved.

There is no evidence that a pilot has violated the Official Secret Act or committed a crime. The alert aims to try to prevent activity and inform existing staff and industry partners and remind them of their responsibilities to protect personnel sensitive information.

“We are taking strong steps to prevent Chinese Armed Forces duty as well as Chinese efforts to recruit Chinese Military troops and instruct Chinese People’s Liberation Army personnel,” a Defense Ministry official remarked.

‘All present and former personnel are already subject to the official secret act, and we are reviewing the use of privacy agreements throughout defense. While a new national security bill will give additional powers to tackle the recent security challenges, including this problem. Further detail please visit: https://thebloggerzone.com/

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