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Google Play Games
Google Play Games

Google Play Games Expanded For PC Functionality To Five Countries

Google Play Games launched an open beta test for PC features to users in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Australia on Thursday.

The company stated earlier this year that Google Play Games would be arriving on PCs as a beta experience for a limited number of users.

“Starting today, all users in Australia will be able to download the beta version of Google Play Games,” said Arjun Dayal, who is in charge of products for Google Play Games.

In recent months, the business has more than double its portfolio to more than 50 titles, which can be play on Windows PCs via a game-built standalone application.

Most Popular Google Play Games

Many of the world’s most popular mobile games are includ in the library, including Summoners’ War, Cookie Run Kingdom, Last Fortress: Underground, and Slam Dunk.

“We’ve also make substantial progress toward lowering the minimum system requirements for running Google Games. Players using a Windows 10 or later PC with an integrate graphics card and a 4 or more core CPU can now access  Games, “Dayal was informing.

Amazon has also collaborated with Microsoft to make Android apps available to PC users.

Google said that its main goal is still to meet players where they are and make it possible for them to games on as many devices as possible.

“Players in the beta have expressed excitement about being able to effortlessly play their favorite games across their phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and PCs,” the company added.

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