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The Transgender Oppressed Section of Our Society

Transgender is such an oppressed section of our society that we have been forced to live a highly condemnable and objectionable life. It is our state’s and society’s primary responsibility to take such possible measures to ensure that this section also has opportunities to live with dignity and respect and to save them from the evils they have been pushed into.

Some reasonable steps are being taken in this regard. The people in this section are being provided some opportunities for education and employment. They are also encouraged to get jobs in private and government departments, but they are yet to be delivered the means by the state to lead a dignified daily life. Governments and society have a lot to do. But if someone tries to implement a western plan here in the name of the deprivations and treatment of this class, it will be an excess.

It is a pity that our parliamentarians generally do nothing except give a thumbs-up at the time of legislation. Otherwise, the type of law known as the Transgender Act is implemented in this country with the full support of political parties like PML-N, PTI, and PPP. However, some of its provisions are very dangerous and can lead to immorality, homosexuality, and other social evils.


Name of Transgender Are Not Allowed By The Law


There is a lot of anxiety in religious circles, and those who have read this law in depth are very worried about it. Senator Mushtaq Ahmed from Jamaat-e-Islami has raised his voice against this dangerous law. He has suggested some amendments in the Senate so that the right and justice that is deserved cannot be deprived of it, but such definitions in the name of transgender are not allowed by the law.

Those who aim to promote immorality, homosexuality, and immorality in their beloved country should be expelled. Senator Mushtaq deserves congratulations for raising this issue. It is now up to the members of parliament to open their eyes and realize the error of their ways to rectify the situation.

Someone shared an article written on social media by Canada-based Dr. Jawaria Saeed, who says that transgender laws worldwide are not designed to protect transsexuals, i.e., intersex people. They are born medically and physically. There are similarities, but not too many. The developed world they do not have the same problems.

Transgender Laws In Pakistan

Transgender laws in the developed world are designed to protect those who voluntarily change their gender and are not limited to gender choice but also cover sexual orientation. Hence, homosexuality also gets complete protection, along with transgender people.

Dr. Javeria further writes that the joke in Pakistan is that clever people with colorful flags have arranged to satisfy their animalistic desires in the name of protecting the rights of intersex people, and in Transgender Law 2018, all major parties have not only This law was passed by keeping the people in ignorance with the controversial term, but the concerned Minister of Tehreek-e-Insaf clearly said that Gender Identity should be a right of every person. No condition of medical examination should be imposed for it.

She was doing this in response to objections to legislating for actuality. And congenital transsexuals and require a medical examination to confirm. So that they were born gender-ambiguous before allowing them to choose their gender. Are there or not so that other selfish people cannot take advantage of it?

Boys And Girls in The West Now Want to change Their Sex

Dr. Jawaria further writes that many boys and girls in the West now want to change their sex. In Canada, is at the forefront of passing this law. Has gender reassignment ceremonies for children in schools in the US and European countries. And it is not considered necessary to inform the parents if they are unhappy about it. The law, the government, and society provide them complete protection. It can be children in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.

Does Dr. Sahiba say that if you guess what the situation will be if this law remains in Pakistan? In exact words, from 2018 till yesterday. This law has been opposed in Pakistan only by Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan of Jamaat-e-Islami. And he alone is facing the ridicule and opposition of these dangerous people. She says that the decision is in your hands. You can turn a blind eye to this danger, try to silence it. But act expediently because of political biases, or insist your leaders be fundamental in this bill.

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