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Photographers in Abu Dhabi
Photographers in Abu Dhabi

Photographers in Abu Dhabi Display Work At Xposure Festival

Some of the most famous Photographers in Abu Dhabi in this field attend the Xposure International Photography Festival in the UAE.

The Xposure International Photography Festival in Abu Dhabi in the UAE has many of the biggest names in the field. The 7th edition showcased more than 68 exhibitions, 74 photographers, and more than 50 classes.

Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi the Vice-Ruler of Sharjah and Chairman of the Sharjah Media Council is the person behind the celebration. The experienced Photographers in Abu Dhabi, He is grateful for the success and popularity of Xposure in helping them develop their abilities.

“I have learned much from Xposure since every time I come across the photographer, I keep asking his questions. Over time, you begin to think differently about things. You begin looking at different colors, and you begin to look at the leading lines. This is where you can learn,” he told Euronews and added, “I always have my camera on me. It’s what you observe with your eyes, and you’re trying to convert the beauty into pictures.”

Polar Photography

The renowned Hungarian photographer Esther Horvath was there to present her work from MOSAiC. A MOSAiC research expedition to the middle of the Arctic Ocean, the largest of the type. Since 2015, she has devoted her career to the regions of Polar, working with science organizations to provide a greater understanding of the environmental and climate issues there.

The moon landing is my primary motivation in my work. When we think of the moon landing, we don’t think of the hundreds or pages worth of science publications. We think of just one thing, the photo of Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin being on the moon. That’s why I try using my photography to translate the most difficult studies in science into something visual, so that people can see what’s happening,” she says.

The Cross-Pollination of Ideas

Brazilian photographer Gabriel Wickbold attended the festival for the second time in the same row. The festival is an opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas and cultures.

I can see the same themes in which I discuss humanity and reflect in the same way as my viewers in Brazil is reflected. Therefore, for me, it’s an amazing experience,” said the man.

The event last year saw the attendance nearly double, which made it one of the biggest photography festivals in the world. The trade show that is held alongside it will showcase the latest technologies and equipment and helpful information from retailers and manufacturers. “It’s an inspirational gathering of like-minded individuals. Photographers who are looking to test the limits of their knowledge and creativity. And I believe that this is where anyone is welcome to come and learn more about photography,” the photographer said.

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