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Gay Activists
Gay Activists

Two Gay Activists Sentenced to Death in Iran

A human rights group says that two Gay Activists have been sentenced to death in Iran.

A court in Urmia has convicted 31-year-old Zahra Siddiqui Hamdani and 24-year-old Ilham Choubdar of causing ‘moral corruption in the world, the Henga Organization for Human Rights said in a report.

The Blogger Zone’s report said prosecutors accused him of promoting homosexuality and Christianity and speaking to media opposed to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The activists were informed of the decision at Urmia Central Jail. There has been no confirmation of Iran’s judiciary punishing LGBT activists. Many Iranian citizens are demanding the release of these workers through social media.

Henga said Siddiqui Hamdani, also known as Sarah, belongs to the Kurdish minority in Iran’s West Azerbaijan province. This province borders Turkey and Iraq.

Sara Siddiqui Hamdani

Human rights organization Amnesty International previously labeled Sara Siddiqui Hamdani an ‘unconventional’ rights activist only because of her actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as her social media posts and statements in defense of LGBT people. He was detained in connection with

It states that he was arrested by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in October 2021 while trying to enter Turkey for asylum.

According to Amnesty International, Sara Siddiqui Hamdani was missing for 53 days. An IRGC agent allegedly ‘verbally abused’ her and subjected her to rigorous interrogation, during which she was threatened with execution or harm. Threats were made to deliver them and their two children were taken from custody.

Amnesty International said that Zahra Siddiqui Hamdani, also known as Sarah, is accused of promoting homosexuality and creating ‘moral corruption in the world by speaking to media opposed to the Iranian regime, according to a BBC documentary. I was impeached for speaking out in favor of LGBT people.

In a May 2021 BBC documentary, Zahra Siddiqui Hamdani complained about the mistreatment of homosexuals in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan.

Under Iranian Law, Homosexuality is a Punishable Offense By Flogging to Death.

Amnesty International added that Siddiqui Hamdani was accused of promoting Christianity by wearing a crucifix necklace and attending a house church in Iran several years ago.

Citizens in Iran who are not recognized as Christians, Zoroastrians, or Jews cannot engage in open religious expression in Iran.

Sara Siddiqui Hamdani had earlier tried to leave Iran but could not succeed.

Sara Siddiqui Hamdani recorded a video saying: ‘I want to tell you how much pressure we LGBT people endure. We risk our lives to express our feelings, but we will find our true selves. Hopefully, the day will come when we all can live in our country with freedom.

“I am now on the path that will lead me to freedom… Consider that I have sacrificed my life for the sake of this cause. If I am unable to accomplish this goal.”

Tengo does not provide details about Ilham Chobdar other than that he is also related to Urmia.

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