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Best University in China for MBBS

The Best Universities In China For MBBS At Reasonable Fee

Best medical universities in China

This list of the best medical universities in China has been compiled by our online consultants based on the experiences of international students (both admitted and non-admitted) who have studied in various Best Universities in China for MBBS.

We hope that this list of the best medical universities in China will help you as an international student looking to study MBBS in China to take steps to select the university that best suits your needs, requirements, and aspirations.

Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Nanchang University

Qingdao University

Dalian University of Medical Sciences

Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ZJUCM)

The Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive university whose clinical medicine (MBBS) is ranked in the top 1% of the global ESI. The university is located in one of the most developed and beautiful cities in the eastern province of Zhejiang, one of the richest provinces in China. As one of the highest quality education and clinical medicine (MBBS) programs in the country, the university tops the list of best MBBS study options in China.

Being in Hangzhou, there is nothing like studying at a top 1% ESI university in the world and being able to afford it at the same time. So don’t wait and apply to this university today

Here are some reviews about MBBS at Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine University

Check them out below:


World ranking.


ESI Ranking

Best in the world

Duration of Study

5+1 (6 years)

Deadline for application

November 30th

MBBS tuition fee

22,000 RMB (per year)

Tuition fee

2250 yuan (per year)

Popular Universities for International Students

Nanchang University

Located in Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang University is the only university with 211 projects in Jiangxi Province and is ranked the second-best medical university in China. It is one of the most prestigious and selective universities among Pakistani students due to its world ranking, ESI ranking, teaching, laboratories, facilities, helpful professors, affordable tuition fees, and beautiful campus. Nanchang University is undoubtedly the second-best choice for Pakistani students who want to study MBBS in China.

Here is some information about the MBBS program at Nanchang University

Nanchang (capital of Jiangxi province)

World ranking.

611 (CWUR).

ESI ranking.

Top 3.7 in the world


5+1 (6 years)

Deadline to apply

November 30th

MBBS tuition fee

20.00 rubles per year

Tuition fee

4,600 RMB per year

Popularity among international students

Qingdao University

Qingdao University is third of the top three medical universities in China. Located in a beautiful seaside city, Qingdao University is a leading university in Shandong Province and is also listed by the Ministry of Education as one of the 211 project universities. With affordable tuition fees, excellent facilities, excellent teaching staff, a beautiful city, outstanding world rankings, and an MBBS program that is in the top 1% in the ESI world rankings, it is easy to see why Qingdao University is the third-best medical university in China and most popular among international students.

Here are some reviews of the MBBS at Qingdao University

Qingdao (tier one city – Shandong province)

World ranking.

609 (CWUR)

ESI Ranking

World Ranking.

Application deadline

August 31st

MBBS tuition fee

30,000 RMB (per year)

Living expenses

10,000 yuan (per year)

Popular among international students.

Dalian Medical University

Our network consultants have added another university to the list, in fourth place: Dalian Medical University is one of the most beautiful and interesting universities in China. The campus is located on the coast, with remarkable architecture and a breathtaking view of the vast Bohai Sea. From the campus, students can enjoy spectacular sea views and beautiful sunsets and watch the sun rise over the sea after a long day of study. Dalian Medical University MBBS is ranked in the top 1% in the ESI world ranking. With all its features, Dalian Medical University easily ranks fourth on the list of the best medical universities in China. Here is some information about MBBS at Dalian Medical University.

The campus is located in Dalian (a coastal city) and is by the water

World ranking.

ESI ranking.

First in the world

Application deadline.

31 August.

MBBS tuition fee

42,000 yuan (annual salary)

Accommodation fee

7,000 RMB (per year)

Popular with international students.

Now that ITSA has published the top three medical schools in China, it will be even easier for you, the international student, to make your choice. ITSA wishes you the best for your future and hopes that you will choose the university that best suits your needs and requirements.

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