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CCNA Certification
CCNA Certification

The Best CCNP Training In Dubai With Nlptech Experts

CCNP certification course in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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  • Cisco Certified Networking Professional (Dubai) Certification Training Program.
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CCNP Training in Dubai Course

Course description image: Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification training from Nlptech. Achieve your learning goals with expert instructors, SMB content, hands-on exams, practice questions with answers, and intensive classroom training. Complete the survey to learn more about CCNP Training in Dubai.

CCNP Dubai Training Program

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching certification is designed to help you plan, implement, test, and troubleshoot networks in local and wide-area businesses and collaborate with experts to develop advanced security, voice, wireless, and The CCNP Routing and Switching certification is intended for individuals who have at least one year of networking experience and are ready to expand their skills and work independently on complex networking solutions.

The CCNP Routing and Switching certification is designed for people who have at least one year of networking experience and are ready to expand their skills and work independently on complex networking solutions. Those who obtain the CCNP Routing and Switching certification can demonstrate that they have the skills necessary to hold job positions as network engineers, support engineers, systems engineers, and network technicians. The knowledge of routing and switching protocols included in this certification provides a sustainable foundation as it is equally important in today’s physical network and tomorrow’s virtual network functions.

The best training for Nlptech certification.

CCNP exams and certifications in Dubai

First, you must have a valid CCNA or CCIE certification. Next, you must go through Cisco IP Routing Implementation (ROUTE), Cisco IP Switched Networks Implementation (SWITCH), and Cisco IP Network Troubleshooting and Maintenance (TSHOOT), which require passing three exams. The exams last two hours and cost $200 per exam.

Other CCNP certifications are available in specialized areas such as wireless networking, data center, and security. For a complete list of current CCNP certifications, click on the “View All Cisco Certifications” link at the bottom of this page.

Cisco Certified Network Professional (Dubai) Certification Training Frequently asked questions.

Q: What has changed in the CCNP exam? What is the percentage of new questions?

  1. The certification expectations identified in the CCNP exam have been revised to align with the expectations of professional-level network engineers. Candidates can view the list of exam topics by clicking on the CCNP exam selected by Cisco Learning Network. Cisco does not publish the percentage or number of specific exam questions, but candidates should be prepared to answer all questions listed.

Q: Now that the revised CCNP has been released, can I take the previous CCNP exam? What is the due date?

A: The deadline to register for the BSCI, BCSN, COMP, ISCW and ONT is July 31, 2010. The marks from the old examinations will be recognized for three years after the examination deadline.

  1. The BSCI exam is required for CCIP certification; the BSCI and BCMN exams are required for CCDP certification. Are these exams still available for CCIP and CCDP candidates?

The answer is. The BSCI and BCSN exams eliminated and replaced by the ROUTE and SWITCH exams for all relevant Cisco certifications. Students working towards the CCIP or CCDP designation should refer to the table above.

Q: Is there a specific order in which to take the exam for the new CCNP certifications?

О. The exams can be taken in any order, but it is recommended that you take ROUTE and SWITCH before the TSHOOT course, which incorporates ROUTE and SWITCH knowledge into the lab scenarios studied in the course.

Q: What changes have been made to the routing exams and courses?

A: The CCNP Routing (Implementing Cisco IP Routing) course and the 642-9032 ROUTE exam now include these additional topics.

Configuring EIGRP over HDLC, Frame Relay, MPLS, VPN, and MPLS virtual circuits

Configure OSPF over HDLC, Frame Relay, PPT, and various WAN connections

Implement alternate route management

Implement IPv

Analyze branch network projects and plan their installation

Analyze mobile workforce support projects and plan network changes

Q: What are the changes to the Switching exams and courses?

A: The CCNP Switching (Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks) course and the 642-813 SWITCH exam now include the following additional topics

Implementing Per-VLAN Spanning Tree (PVST) protocol and 802.1W Rapid Spanning Tree protocol

Implementing Network Monitoring in a High Availability Network

Integrating the latest WLAN devices into the campus infrastructure

Q: What is the CCNP TSHOOT exam? Does it count toward CCNP certification?

A: The TSHOOT beta is an early version of the TSHOOT certification exam, which used to determine the predictive power of exam questions. It has the same length and covers the same topics as the final exam. Candidates who pass the beta exam receive full credit, but the results of the beta exam are not available immediately.

Candidates must wait six to eight weeks before completing the beta before receiving their results. The TSHOOT beta exam released around Feb. 16 and will be available at a discounted price of $50 until March 26, 2010. To encourage scheduling, the first 150 completed beta exams offered for free. Candidates allowed one attempt to take the beta exam.

Q: What question formats will be included in the CCNP exam?

A: Candidates will see a variety of question formats on the new CCNP exam. These question formats will include traditional multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop questions, and sample questions.

Q: If I took a new CCNP Routing (ROUTE) or Switching (SWITCH) course before the new exam released, can I take the current exam?

A: Students who taken the new and updated Routing (ROUTE) course or the new and updated Switching (SWITCH) course before July 31, 2010, can take the existing BSCI (Routing) and BCSN (Switching) exams. The new ROUTE and SWITCH exams released in mid-March 2010 and the TSHOOT exams released in April 2010. Since the new courses are more in-depth than the existing courses, students should prepared to take the existing exams and receive certification.

Q: What happens if I have already passed some of the current CCNP requirements? What new exams will I need to take?

A: You have until July 31, 2010 to take any of the current CCNP series exams and get certified. Effective August 1, 2010, the BSCI, BCSN, COMP, ISCW and ONT exams discontinued. Exam results are valid for three years from the date of the exam and will count toward certification. You can check the CCNP online exam portfolio tool to see which exams required in your specific situation.

Q: I have only taken the ISCW or ONT exams, but not both. Should I try to take the remaining exams by July 31, 2010, I took the ISCW (or ONT) course but did not take the exam. Do I have to take the exam before July 31, 2010?

В: If the ISCW and ONT exams passed before their cancellation on July 31, 2010, the TSHOOT certificate not required. If you do not think you have a good chance of passing both exams before July 31, 2010, prepare for TSHOOT because you will not be able to retake ISCW or ONT after July 31, 2010. Do not waste your time and money passing just one of these exams because, after July 31, 2010, one of these exams will not be enough to exempt you from the TSHOOT requirements.

З: What is the CCNP TSHOOT Beta exam? Does it count toward the CCNP certification?

В: TSHOOT Beta is an early version of the TSHOOT certification exam that used to determine the ability to predict exam questions. The exam has the same duration as the final exam and covers the same topics. Candidates who successfully pass the beta test receive full credit, but the beta test results are not immediately available.

Candidates should wait six to eight weeks for the beta test results. The beta version of TSHOOT released around February 16 and will be available at a discounted price of $50 until March 26, 2010. The first 150 beta tests will be free to encourage registration. Candidates can take the beta test only once.

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