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Hand Pallet Trucks In Pakistan
Hand Pallet Trucks In Pakistan

Why Not Equip Yourself Electric Pallet Truck With Feature?

A high-lift hand pallet trucks in Pakistan is a low-cost and more practical alternative to the electric lifting tables used for packaging and DE palletizing. It has a hydraulic system that allows one operator to lift a large pallet and transport it through an industrial warehouse with minimal effort.

What Exactly is an Electrical High-Lift Pallet Truck?

The Hand Pallet Trucks in Pakistan come with an electric lifting mechanism. They can lift stacked pallets without effort from the person operating the truck while lifting.

What is The Best Way to Utilize The High Lift Pallet Truck?

Making use of an electric high-lift pallet truck is a relatively simple procedure. The steps are as follows:

    • Get behind the truck and look for the lever for release.
    • The button is used to reduce the height of the forks.
    • Slide the forks underneath the pallet.
    • The button will raise the pallet until it reaches the desired height.
    • Set the pallet up. Advantages of high-lift pallet trucks.

A High-Lift Electric Pallet Truck has Many Advantages:

    • It’s economical and helps reduce the fatigue of the operator.
    • It is easy to maintain.
    • Operators require less training for using the high-lift electric truck than for other materials handling equipment like forklifts and high-lift stackers. Espace Equipment electric high-lift pallet trucks

 The electric high lift pallet truck

The height-adjustable hand pallet trucks in Pakistan come with manual travel and a maximum load capacity of 1 tonne. It is lifting and even lowering of items is performed by electrical power. Also, it has a 12V battery and can charge with an internal charger.

Electronic High-Lift Truck for Lifting 1500 kg

Hand Pallet Trucks In Pakistan
Hand Pallet Trucks In Pakistan

The electric pallet truck is equipped with 1170 mm sheet steel folded forks with a maximum lift of 800mm. Lifting and lowering pallets is electrically controlled, unlike its manual operation. The capacity of the load is 1.5 tons, of Equipment.

 Wide Electric Pallet Truck With High Lift 680 mm 1000 kg

The lifting machine was specially make for handling pallets of a large size because of the fork space of 680 millimeters. It also has a powerful 0.8 kW motor and a 12V/56 Ah battery.

 Pramac 1000 kg Automated Lift Pallet With Level

The machine is fit with an automate leveling mechanism that permits it to alter the height of the forks continuously according to the desire working height. Its load capacity is 1 ton, which is appropriate for repeated usage due to its superior maneuverability.

If you’re searching for a reliable high-lift truck or another industrial device, get in touch with Espace Equipment. Our extensive range of brand new equipment will provide your company with high-quality machines to complete the task. Also read: Oil Filtration Solution In Pakistan

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