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imran khan
imran khan

Imran khan has been charged with ‘terrorizing police and the courts in an Islamabad speech

PTI Chairman Imran Khan was booked under Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act (the penalty for terrorist crimes) for comments made at his Islamabad rally the day before.

The first information report (FIR), a copy of which is accessible to, was filed at Islamabad’s Margalla police station at 10 p.m. on Saturday in response to a complaint filed by magistrate Ali Javed.

According to the FIR, Imran had “terrorized and intimidated top police officials and a respected female additional sessions judge” in his presentation at the PTI gathering at F-9 Park the day before.

The FIR repeated the PTI chairman’s remarks on the female judge and Islamabad police officials.

Imran had threatened to file proceedings against Islamabad’s inspector general of police and deputy inspector general of police in his address on Saturday, saying, “We won’t spare you.”

The former premier objected to Additional District and Sessions Judge Zeba Chaudhry’s approval of Gill’s two-day physical remand at the request of the capital police, saying she should “prepare herself as the action would be done against her.”

Imran’s Speech Was Intended to “Terrorize” Top Police Officials

According to the FIR, Imran’s speech was intended to “terrorize” top police officials and the judiciary, causing them to be unable to fulfill their duties and refrain from taking action against any PTI-related people if required.

The magistrate contended that Imran’s comments had instilled fear and doubt among police, judges, and the general public. He issued a stern warning, saying that “Terrorism has expanded, and the country’s calm has been imperilled.”

The FIR urged that Imran face legal prosecution and be given an “exemplary penalty.”


The Government is Considering Pursuing a Case Against Imran


Earlier in the day, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah stated that the government was seeking legal talks to determine whether to file a new lawsuit against PTI Chairman Imran Khan for his “provocative remark” a day earlier or to designate him in an existing case.

In a press conference in Islamabad, the minister accused Imran of endangering institutions and stopping officers from carrying out their legal responsibilities.

“Everything that happened here was a continuation of a campaign that started with the Lasbela tragedy, in which six army leaders were killed, which was then followed by Gill’s attempt to take over the government of the country,” urge army ranks to rebel against their superiors. top command, and then Imran threatening a woman judge and police officials for carrying out their duties following the law,” the minister explained.

Imran Khan Stated in a Rally Yesterday

Imran stated in a rally yesterday that the Islamabad police were acting on directions from “someone” to take action against his party officials.

“When I questioned the police about what you did to Shahbaz Gill, they answered, ‘we did nothing. We got a boot from behind to follow orders,” he told rally attendees on Saturday while announcing plans to file a complaint with the Supreme Court about the alleged torture of Gill.

Imran further urged the judiciary to gird itself for the implications of its “biassed” approach toward his party.

In a press conference today, Sanaullah said his ministry had drafted a report and consulted with the Islamabad advocate general and the law ministry, adding that a final decision would take a few days.

He questioned the PTI’s assertions that Gill was tortured during his imprisonment, asking why Gill had not filed an application or named the official who allegedly tortured him.

“All of this is theatre to divert attention away from his anti-state rants on ARY News and the campaign over the Lasbela tragedy,” the minister alleged.


Gill’s Words on The Troops Were Part of a Predetermined Plot


The minister said that his ministry has proof of a telephone conversation reportedly disclosing Gill’s deal with ARY News employees about uninterrupted 14-minute airtime to be granted to him in exchange for coming out against the army.

How could he possibly encourage army officers to disobey the commands of their superiors? he wondered.

According to Sanallah, Gill described a tier of specific officers as patriotic while labeling the “highest command as unpatriotic.”

He stated that many politicians would have spoken out against the establishment’s alleged influence in politics by naming them and that many retired officers of the establishment have also written books and recognized their mistakes in the past.

But, he lamented, Gill took the names of all levels and labeled them patriots, inciting people to rebel against the high command.


According to The Minister, Gill’s Words Were Serious And Inexcusable


‘If a long march is undertaking, PTI would encounter bigger opposition than on May 25.

Sanaullah also threatene Imran with harsher measures than those taken during the May 25 ‘Azadi March’ against PTI activists if his party went ahead with its intentions.

He did not say if the Imran-led party would be refused permission to demonstrate outright or if a conditional permit would be issued.

The minister issued a stern warning, saying that an instant decision would be made “should he [Imran] undertake such a step again.”


Why is The Government Afraid to Investigate Gill’s Torture?


In response to the minister’s claims, PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry said the government was under the impression that “closed rooms” could save it from the nation’s wrath.

Fawad questioned how Sanaullah was “tolerate” as the country’s interior minister during a press conference in Islamabad. He emphasized how the PML-N leader allegedly made contentious utterances in the Punjab Assembly.

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