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Comptia Security+
Comptia Security+

Best Tips to Pass the CompTIA Security+ Exam In 2023

CompTIA Security+ can be an arduous exam; its steep cost prohibits repeat attempts. We’ll use our expertise with this exam to devise a plan for you to pass successfully and remove this certification from your list of priorities.

Be mindful that it’s only a basic test, with lots of material to cover but nothing too complex or deep. With the right mindset and study materials, success should come quickly; congratulations if this has already happened!

Here are our top ten tips for passing the CompTIA Security+ exam on your first try. Let’s make sure that happens!

What Should Be Expected on the Security+ Exam?

The security+ certification exam from CompTIA spans 90 minutes and features “no more than 90 questions,” as stated on their website.

As part of your test, you will be presented with between one and ten performance-based questions (PBQs) with higher points scores followed by multiple-choice questions. A score of 775 on a scale from 100-900 must be attained to pass successfully.

At this time, Security+ exam topics for version SY0-601 include:

  • Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities
  • Architecture and Design Implementation Exam questions on security protocols may account for up to 25% of total exam questions.
  • To gain a fuller insight into each knowledge area, refer to this CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam Objectives document.

The PBQs discussed earlier will require participants to engage in simple yet practical exercises within a virtual environment, such as placing security devices at specific spots on a map of networks or entering firewall rules into a table.

Multiple choice tests use an “if this scenario” format in which candidates must consider all available circumstances before selecting one of several possible responses from the choices.

Understanding Your Learning Style and Methodology

Before moving forward with anything new, you must identify how best to learn. While textbooks might work for some individuals, others find lectures more suitable. No matter how powerful resources may be available today if they do not suit how people learn. Stay focused and motivated throughout!

Do Not Lose Momentum

People typically pursue Security+ after attaining network fundamentals certification, such as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) or CompTIA Network+. If this sounds familiar to you, start preparation immediately for Security+ certification if this is in your plans. Doing this serves two primary goals.

Security+ will put your knowledge of essential security elements, such as ports and protocols, through rigorous tests to keep them at the forefront of your mind.

Network+ contains 19.9% of its exam’s material dedicated to security-related questions; the same topic will reappear again when taking the Security+ certification exam.

Preparing for a Network+ exam requires extensive study. While it might be tempting to put off starting, get right down to business immediately to save yourself the headache of having to learn these topics again later on.

Plan and Set Goals

Lay down a clear goal. Otherwise, it’s easy to procrastinate and make excuses, such as: taking “just a bit more time could never hurt” or “one more week will make things better”. Before long, the month is gone!

When your exam date approaches quickly and you suspect you’re not at the expected level, CompTIA allows you to change it at any point within 24 hours after taking your test. Setting an appointment on your calendar and depositing cash can be a powerful mental motivator and propel you toward progress.

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