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Florida Flood
Florida Flood

Ian’s Death Count Rises to 34 Cause Florida Flood in 2022

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, the U.S. death toll rose to 34 Saturday when rescuers in Florida Flood diligently hunted for survivors. At the same time, the Carolinas began to assess the damage that occurred following one of the most significant hurricanes that had ever hit the country.

As of Saturday, more than 1,000 people were saved along Florida’s southwestern coast, according to Daniel Hokanson, head of the National Guard.

Of the 32 people who were confirmed dead, 28 of them were from Florida Flood. Four people have died in North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper said Saturday.

It is now a post-tropical cyclone. Ian was churning north on Saturday in the middle of North Carolina, heading toward Virginia after battering the coast from South Carolina and devastating swaths of Florida.

Power was shut off to over 64,000 people across North Carolina and more than 21,000 in Virginia on Saturday evening as per

Ian Falling Trees And Causing Flooding

In South Carolina, nearly 7,000 people were without electricity following Ian falling trees and causing flooding on roads. No fatalities were immediately recorded within South Carolina, and damage was only minor, Governor. Henry McMaster said at a news meeting on Saturday.

“There is some damage. There’s sadness. There’s still work to be done,” he said. “Be that as it may, generally it’s a positive report to South Carolina.”

In addition, more than 1 million people were still without electricity in Florida while officials evaluated the extent of the damage and continued efforts to search and rescue. The storm left a wide path of destruction across the state, causing flooding in areas on both coastlines, ripping homes off their foundations, and demolishing beaches and businesses.

President Joe Biden announced his remarks on Friday, saying that Hurricane Ian will likely be one of the most destructive storms in national history and due to Florida Flood will require months or even years to repair.

Latest Developments

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Saturday that SpaceX Chief Executive Elon Musk helped southwest Florida get internet connectivity back by putting a satellite in position to boost the region’s coverage and also providing 120 Starlink ground stations to people close to.

In Florida, Volusia County’s Director of Community Services Kevin Captain said at a news conference on Friday afternoon that his office was informed that hurricane Ian flooded the Daytona International Speedway. “Even the famous Daytona Speedway is submerged,” he said.

Cubans protested for the second time on Friday night over the delay in restoring electricity to the nation after Hurricane Ian caused power outages throughout the island.

The Heavy Rains Hit The Central Appalachian Mid-Atlantic

A torrential downpour hit the central Appalachians and mid-Atlantic on Saturday as Ian made his way through the central region of North Carolina and toward Virginia, According to the National Hurricane Center. The storm will ease and disappear over south-central Virginia on Saturday night.

In the meantime, Ian will bring gusty winds that will drop 2 to four inches of rainfall. Regional maximums will follow this up to 6 inches over the eastern Appalachians and coastal mid-Atlantic. So that could see a few flashes and urban floods.

The possibility of significant river flooding is high in areas of central Florida throughout. The next week; however, the swells observed in the Southeast will recede during the weekend.

Death Toll Set to Increase in Florida and Other States

The devastation caused by Ian caused it to be challenging to determine the number of people. Who died during the storm. However, as The Associated Press said Saturday, the death toll has risen to 32.

In the early hours of Friday, Florida Emergency Management Director Kevin Guthrie said there were at least 21 deaths. However, only one was confirmed due to the storm, and officials looked into 20 additional deaths.

One of the recent deaths in Florida include a woman aged 62. Who suffered injuries and drowned when a tree fell upon a mobile home, a man aged 54. Who was trapped in the window after drowning, and an older woman caught in wires. Because in the state of Florida’s Lee County.

Lost Their Lives in Florida Drowned

A majority of those who lost their lives in Florida drowned. However, a few suffered fatal injuries after the storm, such as an elderly couple. So that died due to their oxygen systems losing power.

The storm also claimed the lives of at least four victims within North Carolina. Because including a 25-year-old man whose vehicle flooded and a woman aged 24. Whose car slid off the road due to flooding and hit a tree, a 22-year-old man. Who was swept away by his truck, and a man aged 65. Who died of carbon monoxide poisoning cause by his generator, Governor, Cooper declared in a statement.

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