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Roll of Technology
Roll of Technology

What is The Role of Technology in Our Daily Life?

What is Technology?

Technology shapes scientific knowledge into tools and equipments. It creates interrelationship between
life, society, and the environment on the best level of ease and comfort. Moreover, it is very dynamic, understanding the need for livings from time to time and bringing revolutionary changes.

Quranic Approach

Islam is the only religion that advocates the glory of man. Islam highlighted the importance of knowledge
and urged on its use for the benefit of human beings. Islam emphasizes learning and
invites a man to work for the conquest of the universe. As the Quran says, what happened to you? Why
do you not ponder on the conquest of the universe? There are signs for those who think and have

Technology has revolutionized man’s life. What the Role of Technology on our lives is our today’s topic.
To understand its effects, it is essential to compare life at the age when Technology was not in
standard practice and current times in different walks of life.

Food Security

The technology ensures the security of food better than ever before. For example, now a day, we heard
rarely about famine. Whereas in the past, it was a significant issue. Even today, we can see that the countries
using modern techniques for the production of crops are more secure than those that use less

Before Technology
Before Technology

Technology has made our work more accessible, and we are getting more production from the
same land as in the past. Now we are getting fruits and vegetables and other foods throughout
the year. Markets remain complete with seasonal and unseasonal food items. More energetic and variety of
food is available.

After Technology
After Technology

Technology plays a role in Medical

The Technology also develops new and advanced devices that help doctors accurately diagnose a
patient’s health condition and visualizes the patient’s body without surgery, such as computed
tomography (CT), ultrasound imaging, etc. . and X-ray machines.

Technology Play Roll in Medical
Technology Play Roll in Medical

Technology has also paved the way for more sophisticated devices that can prevent and treat various ailments with little or no pain, which is

Mortality Rate

The year 1970 mortality rate in the world for the year 1970 was 12.89%, with a growth rate -of 2.31%
whereas with technological progress, betterment can be seen in the last 50 years. As a result of Technology,
we got better treatment facilities and better & safer food, which resulted in significant changes in mortality
and the growth rate of the world.


Technology Roll in Communication
Technology Roll in Communication

Advances in science and Technology have had a significant impact on how we communicate with each other.
The methods of communication have changed through the years, beyond simple texts and audio calls to
more efficient video calls and chat channels that offer additional communication services.



The Role of Technology has made it possible for us to cover the distance of thousands of miles in hours that was
covered in months and years in the past.

Transportation Before Technology
Transportation Before Technology

Vehicle manufacturers are under pressure to design and produce high-performance light weighted vehicles. Day by day, we are getting more luxurious cars that are faster and safer. Now transportation has been equipped with finding short and safe routes and tracking facilities.

Transportation after Technology
Transportation after Technology

Living Style

In the past, men lived in caves; they dressed with tree leaves. But now, man lives in monumental
buildings and wraps himself with excellent and quality wear. Man succeeded in saving himself from swear
weathers. He drinks cold water in summer and enjoys hot water in winter.

Space Technology

It is challenging to ignore the importance of space technology for life on earth. Satellites that encircle the
globe provide accurate details about weather and the rate of climate change and its effects. It warns us
about coming furious storms. As a result of research taking place in orbit, our understanding of
health, material science, and other technologies has become more apparent. Space technology also has a direct
impact on the economic sector of life.

The impact of space technology is evident for:

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Climate
  • Connectivity
  • Global security
  • Responsible business
  • Economy


One of the impacts of Technology on our society is how it affects learning. It has made learning more
interactive and collaborative. It provides better access to resources. Increase opportunities with
better options. Most important is the availability of information at twenty-four due to the internet. It makes
studying easier and broadens the sense of understanding.

Technology encourages self-paced learning and invites creativity. This is a very positive sign for the
society and the whole world.


First World War and latterly Second World War paved the way for Technology to play its role in defense. As
a result, missile technology, the atom bomb, and drone technologies were introduced. These technologies
were destructive to man on a massive scale. However, it has reduced the chances of escalation among
the worst enemies.

Advanced Technology is considered an appropriate and adequate answer to both traditional and
disruptive enemies by most armed forces.


The world has become a Global Village. Advancement in Technology has shortened distances among
counties. It has raised the interests among people of different countries as individuals and as a whole.

The negative impact of Technology

No doubt, thanks mainly to rapid technological advancement that serves humanity.
However, there is evidence of the negative impact of Technology and its excessive use.
Social media and excessive mobile use lead to psychological and physical issues for both children and
teenagers. Some psychological problems are;

  • Isolation
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Physical issues are;
  • Eyestrain
  • Sleep Problems
  • Reduce Physical Activities


The recent technological boom has brought a lot of ease to our lives. It has made our lives safer and better
than ever before. However, observed few adverse effects can be minimized by proper counseling.

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