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US Midterm Elections
US Midterm Elections

US Midterm Elections: What are the significant issues?

As US officials appeal to the voters ahead of crucial US midterm elections, a vast and diverse array of issues has been the focus of discussions throughout the United States.

Republicans who want to take control of Congress over their Democratic Party rivals are complaining about the current economic situation with a global recession and a constant rise in living costs.

And Democrats are focusing their attention on abortion rights following an appeal to the US Supreme Court to revoke the constitutional right to perform the procedure and raise questions about the future of fair elections and democracy across the nation.

The election on November 8 that will see every seat within the House of Representatives and more than one-third of the Senate being contested is expected to impact the remaining years of President Biden’s presidency significantly.

This is where Al Jazeera examines the most critical issues at stake during this election season.

This was the official policy of Clinton’s 1992 campaign to defeat the incumbent president George HW Bush, who had rallied hundreds of nations around the globe to fight the invasion of Saddam Hussein in Kuwait. However, when Bush attempt to promote his victory in his First Gulf War, Clinton shift his focus to the economic slump at the time and was elect president.

This year’s page from Clinton’s book, Republicans have been trying the GOP to make economics a significant issue in midterm elections, frequently accusing Biden of trying to deflect attention from the soaring inflation rate.

Despite a decrease in fuel prices in August, consumer prices rose 8.3 percent over the same time last year. Although Democrats insist that inflation is tie to global issues, like the conflict in Ukraine and coronavirus pandemic-relate concerns with the supply chain, Republicans say government spending increase under Biden and Biden is the reason.

“Inflation is crushing Americans, and it’s disproportionately hurting the most vulnerable,” Mehmet Oz, an independent Republican Senate candidate across the swing state of Pennsylvania, posted on Twitter on September 20. “It’s making essential things, such as food, more expensive. This is hurting small-scale firms. Also, seniors, a lot of them depend heavily on Social Security when they have to pay for every dollar.”

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