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Nawaz Batting
Nawaz Batting

Pakistan vs India match in Asia Cup: And when Mohammad Nawaz came to the crease

Pakistan vs India match in Asia Cup, Rohit Sharma’s face was blown. Although on their part, they had come to the field with a lot of planning and their bowlers were also successfully trapping the Pakistani batsmen, but then Pakistan made this surprising strategic move and turned the game completely.

More than half the battle in T20 cricket is fought on paper off the field. Statistics are held as arguments and each ball is planned in light of them. Who, from where, by whom has to be captured, it happens first on paper and then in the field.

It cannot be that a hard-working coach like Rahul Dravid has not made a plan to dismiss every Pakistani batsman and when the opponents are authentic batsmen like Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan, then the plans are not the same.

In case of possible failure of Plan A, Plans B and C, D are prepared in advance, but when the think tank is busy making moves against big names like Babar Azam, Muhammad Rizwan and Asif Ali, names like Muhammad Nawaz It is normal to be seen.

Anyway, till today, Mohammad Nawaz himself was not even a part of the projects of Pakistani think tank, how could Rohit Sharma think about him.


After Muhammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik Leave Cricket

After Muhammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik, these two middle-order batting numbers have been a constant headache for Pakistan. These numbers have also experimented with the most and these numbers, especially number four, are responsible for determining the direction of the innings in any team.

Even after such a wide variety of experiences, Pakistan had saved one experience for this match and this experience of Pakistan became such a surprise package for Rohit Sharma that all the plans were left behind.

Undoubtedly, Rohit Sharma started the innings brilliantly. And after him all the other Indian batsmen followed suit and the runs were so plentiful early. So that India achieved a record total against Pakistan in the Powerplay.

At that moment, it was doubtful that if Kohli stayed till the 20th over. Pakistan’s target could cross 200, but the way Shadab and Nawaz blocked the flow of runs. So that was Pakistan’s first step towards victory. Proved.

muhammad nawaz battings
muhammad nawaz battings

The way the pitch was set up for this match, 190 could have been a competitive total. India was in a position to cross that mark at one stage. But with Shadab and Nawaz coming into the attack at the mercy of boundaries. So suspended and the Indian batsmen were forced to toil for one run at a time.

Kohli eventually regained full form but could not get enough support from the other side. And despite Fakhar Zaman’s ‘generous’ fielding, India fell ten runs short of a competitive total.

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