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Electric Grass Cutting Machine
Electric Grass Cutting Machine

New Feature of Electric Grass Cutting Machine in Pakistan

This Maxgreen Electric Grass Cutting Machine is a fast and simple method of cutting long grass. The handle and harness system’s layout with a shoulder strap enables the user to work with less stress and more comfort during procedure. This high-performance electric brush cutter with a loop handle and soft grip is ideal for mowing large areas near the home.

Electric Grass Cutting Machine has highly efficient 1100 Watt Electric Motor With Electronic Speed Control. 50 L grass collector with standard-supplied mulching side discharge and rear/back discharge. The best lawnmowers on the market today are quality and performance!

This lawn mower is part of the latest series. These machines are part of the most modern generation. They have an extremely refined design, are highly efficient, and deliver high performance. The new lawn mower equipped with rear-wheel drive is fitted with an innovative Briggs&Stratton 850EX 195cc engine that is highly high-end quality.

It’s solid and low-emissions and offers a variety of performances. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to manage and take care of the lawn and wants to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. It has a 53cm steel cutting deck and 28cm high rear wheels that allow mowing to be more accessible, quicker and more efficient for all lawns. The drive makes mowing more accessible and efficient on all lawns.

Cutting height control is centralized and can be adjusted to 7 different positions, ranging from 25 to 75 millimeters.

Specifications Of Electric Grass Cutting Machine

  • A copper motor made from pure copper has a powerful force and speed.
  • The anti-collision wire and the frame blade will not touch anything complicated.
  • Adjustable machine head, no dead angle, sluggish rise, dead rise, dead rise, dead rise
  • Waterproof cases are not easy to get into the rain or dew when you use them.
  • The cutting diameter is up to 150mm, and the cutting length is up to 150mm with greater efficiency.
  • Affordable and comfortable to handle, with no rubs. The handle’s position can be changed at any time.
  • Double front wheel assist. Comfier to be at Work for Longer.
  • The dual control switch handles more comfortable operation and a high safety level.
  • LED battery display. Quickly determine the remaining capacity of the battery and monitor the workload.
  • The 16-section pole is adjustable to your liking and has an expansion of 1 to 33 cm, and it is possible to adjust the height following the requirements.

Benefits/uses of Electric Grass Cutting Machine:

  • Electric trimmer, Protective cover for the cutting head, and shoulder strap wrench
  • Simple operation, effective cutting systems, which reduce the need for power, and less vibration and sound to a certain level
  • ISI-certified PVC-coated wire for greater security
  • Weight: 5kg and a powerful motor at the rear of 1000W. designed for greater balance
  • Precautions to Take: Special safety precautions are require

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