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How to Choose Latest Mobile Devices for Testing 2023

With the growing popularity and complexity of Latest Mobile applications, you must ensure that your app functions as you intended for all different models of devices, operating systems, and browsers. However, with tens of hundreds of thousands of mobile model models available in the marketplace and new models introduced each year, How do you decide which ones to test and how many you need to test your app for comprehensive testing coverage?

This article will discuss guidelines for choosing mobile testing devices, along with our preferred devices to test with based on location and size of the business.


What is Mobile App Testing?


Testing mobile applications (MAT) refers to testing mobile applications to ensure that Latest Mobile applications function as intended for any device or browser. Testing for mobile apps can be performed by hand on real devices, emulators, or simulators or by using automation.


Best Practices for Choosing Mobile Devices for Testing


With the proliferation of mobile models and various manufacturers, it’s no longer safe to test just using Apple or Samsung devices. Although iPhones remain the most used mobile phones in all regions, Manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and OPPO are changing the landscape in areas such as China, China, and India. The vast array of options makes choosing which phones to test a daunting task.


Manual Testing vs Automated Testing

Latest Mobile
Latest Mobile

Deciding between manual and automated tests is the initial step to choosing the appropriate device to test. Testing with manuals is by far the most popular type that is used for mobile testing. It’s a multi-sensory process focusing on user interaction with your app. Users use your app to evaluate how your user interface (UI) appears and how interactive components “feel.”

Automated testing is a one-sense method where the mobile testing framework, such as Selenium, Appium, XCUITest, or Espresso, tests scripts that search for specific functional problems. Automation of tests is beneficial for testing complex repetitive tests that are susceptible to errors.

There are advantages to each method of testing. Although manual testing is more laborious than automated tests, it is possible to receive more precise, specific information on user experience issues such as your device’s performance, battery life, and usability. Humans are also more adept than computers in identifying problems, like whether button icons on your screen overlap or aren’t in the correct location. However, if maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness is essential to your plan, it is recommended to include automated testing. It allows you to test more quickly and release new versions of your application more often.

Due to the advantages and strengths of each test method, We recommend using an integrated approach to testing, including manual and automated tests. To get the most effective outcomes, automate at least the majority of your tests while you perform the remaining 20% manually.

When Choosing Mobile Devices to Test, Keep Your Target Users in Mind.


To ensure that your test coverage is as extensive as possible, we suggest choosing your test devices based on the most critical aspects of the people you want to test in your region. Software development teams and QA can work together with Marketing to better understand the personas of users and patterns of usage of your targeted market. If you cannot collect sufficient data on users, you could start by looking up other data sources to determine the most popular devices in the region you’re trying to reach. Data points that can be helpful:

  • Traffic volume
  • Market share
  • Versions of OS/OS that are recommended
  • Screen sizes
  • Popularity
  • Region
  • Industry
  • Company

If this isn’t the first time, you may use the data and analytics from customers in your application to guide your testing plan and the test coverage.


Choose the Appropriate Number and Variety of Devices


When deciding on the number of devices, you’ll need to test. You must first consider the type of tests you’ll run. Because manual tests are longer-lasting, we recommend using a lesser number (5-10) that includes the most well-known devices for your intended audience or market. When conducting manual tests, It is crucial to evaluate the risks of not testing all devices and then think about a combination of devices to ensure the best coverage.

Through automated testing, you’ll be able to afford more and a wider variety of devices available. We recommend conducting your automated tests across 25-30 different machines for public apps.

Based on the type of users you want to target and the testing you want to conduct, a method combining Android and iOS devices is the best option for comprehensive testing coverage. Most mid-sized and larger businesses we work with maintain an in-house test lab with 10–20 devices. The company should determine the ideal device number based on the number of teams involved in testing the application. For instance, the 10–20 number typically serves customers best when only one or two groups use the app. If more units are involved in testing different applications or features, we suggest considering the availability of devices affected by the quantity of PRs, builds, and so on.


The Choice of Devices For Manual Testing as Opposed to Automated Testing


If you are choosing a device to test manually, The best approach should be to have a top-end model, a lower-end model, and tablets (depending on the app you’re using) within your device mix. For iOS, this might look like you were testing with the following: one premium iPhone with a low-end iPhone and an iPad. So For Android, similar to iOS, the best practice is to choose an established brand such as Samsung and begin with a low-end and high-end device. For better brand recognition, it is possible to include other top brands, such as Huawei and Xiaomi, in your selection of machines. In the same way, adding Google Pixel devices can give you an early start in looking at the latest Android version beta.

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