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Diploma of Information Technology
Diploma of Information Technology

Best Free Online Diploma of Information Technology

Computer courses Diploma of Information Technology are offered free of charge by educational institutions, technology companies, nonprofit organizations, and tech companies. While some do this to increase awareness of their hardware or software, others try making high-quality education more affordable.

No matter the training provider’s mission, self-motivated learners can take advantage of this vast pool of free online computer training. They can grow their skills, get Diploma of Information Technology that validate their knowledge to potential employers and discover new IT jobs.

We considered many factors when compiling our list of the top free computer courses. These included relevance of curriculum, accessibility, course quality, provider reputation, and ease of use. We tried to have the best training options for all skill levels and categories.

These Are Our Top Online Training Providers

This is the best place to start your journey to becoming a web developer, computer programmer, or software engineer. This nonprofit excels in several free computer courses. But the best part is its well-designed, no-cost certification tracks. Each track requires approximately 300 hours of dedicated learning.

However, because the ways are self-paced, students can spread their training over time so that anyone can train and certify. In addition, these free online courses teach students coding skills in various marketable areas, such as responsive web design, big-data visualization, secure software development, and hot platforms like JavaScript and JSON.

Featured Courses

  • Certificate in Responsive Web Design
  • Data Visualization Certification
  • JavaScript Algorithms & Data Structures Certification
  • Explore all available courses for free

The Best Online Courses in College-level computing

Many people don’t know that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has offered a substantial portion of its courses online for free since 2002. The MIT course list includes over 2,400 classes at undergraduate and graduate levels in fascinating fields like engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science. The training materials are varied from one course to the next. They include video lectures, transcripted lecture notes, assignments, textbooks, and exams to measure and track your new skills. Unfortunately, these courses are not eligible for credit toward MIT degrees.

Featured Courses

  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
  • Performance Engineering of Software Systems
  • Introduction to Computational Thinking & Data Science
  • Explore all MIT courses for free

The Best Online Courses in Tech With Certificates.

Coursera is a well-known online training provider for computer skills. Its strategic partnerships distinguish Coursera with top schools such as Yale, Stanford, and Yale and major tech vendors like IBM, IBM, and SAS. In addition, their carefully curated professional certificate programs make Coursera stand out from the rest.

These certificates allow students to learn valuable tech skills and validate them. Unfortunately, Coursera only offers some of its training programs for free. However, many options, including professional certificates, can help you prepare for high-paying careers such as cloud engineer, DevOps engineer, or IT project manager. Many courses and certifications are also available for a meager price in addition to the free ones.

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