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Best Property Investment In Lahore
Best Property Investment In Lahore

A Guide of Best Property Investment In Lahore in 2023

Lahore is an ideal combination of unparalleled beauty and modern comfort. People from all over the country travel to this so-called “garden city” to avail of its services. Apart from its parks and natural environment, this charming city is also known for its cuisine and culture. You will fall in love with it once you get to know it with its rich culture. Many claims that once you’ve been to Lahore, you’ll never want to leave because it’s such a beautiful city. The best educational institutions and medical institutions are located here, where a large number of students and patients come to study and be treated. It is also one of the places for the best property investment in Lahore.

As you have already concluded, Lahore is undoubtedly one of the best cities, if not the best, for the Best Property Investment In Lahore. You can get many services and high quality. All kinds of services make it compatible with all kinds of properties. These houses are thriving here in this well-functioning city. But even if you decide to invest here, where would you do it? So let’s talk about one of the elite mixed-use projects in Lahore, Bahria City.

Bahria Town is  Best Property Investment in Lahore

There’s no way you’ve ever heard of Bahria because it’s so popular here. It is considered so elite and luxurious that not everyone can get a house here so easily. It’s like an elite community filled with so many luxurious amenities and services. Some of the larger properties across the city are available in Bahria. The developers of the project aim to provide a life-changing experience for their investors.

The third largest mosque in Pakistan, the Bahria Grand Mosque, is located in the Bahria city of Lahore. Owned by Bahria Town Group. It is located on Canal Bank Road. One of the major attractions of Lahore is easily accessible from this location.

A gated community, boundary wall, 24/7 high security, CCTV, 24/7 electricity, solar power plants, water filtration systems, carpeted streets, cemeteries, gardens, Educational Institutions, health facilities and many others are some of its features. Bahria Town Lahore is one of the best residential construction companies in Lahore.

A guide to investing in Bahria City Lahore

Now that you know how big a company Bahria Town Lahore is. So here is the guide you need if you want to invest here but don’t know how to do it. Let’s talk about how to invest in Bahria City Lahore.

Required documents

There are some documents you will need first to make sure you have them ready at any point in the process. These important required documents are listed below:

  • Two passport photos of the buyer
  • Two passport photos of the seller
  • Copies of CNIC of each party
  • Original CNICs for buyer and seller
  • Copies of CNIC of the proposed acquirer (close relatives).

Transmission kit

  • Bahria City Allotment Letter or Bank Transfer Certificate (if no letter issued)
  • Receipt of Transfer Fees
  • Bank deposit slip for any outstanding fees
  • Bahria City NDC (No Application Certificate)
  • Customs clearance certificate from Bahria Town Services (for houses, flats and shops)

Transfer gear is not that expensive. The transfer package contains:

Copies of CNIC for nominees, buyer, and seller.
Completed in Bahria City Title Transfer Form.
100 PKR stamp paper should contain the buyer’s undertaking

Application for Bahria Town NDC

Non-claim certificates or NDCs are essentially Documents that state the exact amount of the transfer fee. It also includes other outstanding debts on properties in Bahria. To request this document, the seller only needs to fill out a form at the Customer Service Center. You must apply for the NDC before the transfer date as it takes approximately 48 hours to be issued.

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